Learning Through Art

Anna Pearce blogs for Cloud Dance Festival and in her latest post she discusses how art can make learning easier. We were really flattered to find out that she used Meeting Place as one of her examples (alongside DV8’s Can We Talk About this? and War Horse). Thanks Anna!

Another subject I was never particularly enthralled with in my younger years was Maths. I can’t say that much has changed since then, although watching Hamish McPherson and Martine Painter’s ‘Meeting Place’ at Resolution! 2012 encouraged me to take a tentative step towards finding an interest in numbers and scientific patterns. Hamish and Martine play with visually unfolding an algorithmic formula: a series of instructions, a mathematical way of describing a sequence, used in computing, the stock market and other such seemingly alien contexts. However, seeing these things embodied on a stage made me interested, and encouraged me to think on something I’d never have considered relevant to my life. And of course it is: this laptop is using algorithms as I type, and yours as you read.


The post touches on an interesting issues and would be well worth a read even if we weren’t mentioned!

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